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Guitar Studio allows the musician(s) to edit and play multitrack tablatures
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Guitar Studio is a powerful tool that is set up for the individual needs of musicians of all kinds that want to play the guitar and other related instruments.
The features in the studio allows the musician(s) to edit and play multitrack tablatures, allows import and export of MIDI and ASCII, view and play all chords, view and play over 1300 chords, scales, and modes on the neck, tunes an instrument, allows play with a metronome, harmonizes and identifies chords, scales, and modes, and allows play of common multimedia files. Guitar Studio runs on Windows 95, 98, ME, NT4, and 2000, in the same it supports English and French languages. For many the guitar studio is the musician’s headquarters for sheet music, accessories, instruction manuals and videos.

Below are the features and what they can do for the musician(s): Edit/play multitrack tablature – This feature is easy and intuitive, has many effects, bars, transposition, chord diagrams, texts, cut, copy, and paste, plays tablature so musicians can view from neck, allows play with a MIDI device and so much more. View/play chords - Allows view/play of all possible chords, has 10 best positions, play using MIDI device, allows copy to another program, allows print, and has configurable chord computation. View/play over 1300 chords, scales, and modes- This feature has 16 chord types, 47 scales, 22 modes, in 12 different tones, auto identification of chords, scales, and modes, plays using MIDI device, allows copy to another program, and prints.

Instrument tuning feature has many predefined instruments, and allows play with MIDI device. Play with Metronome- This feature allows the musician to select a tempo and time signatures, play using MIDI device, allows view of current time, and high accuracy. Harmonization of chords, scales, and modes- Allows musician to draw notes and scales on neck, has harmonizing mode to compute chords based on the drawn scale, identifying mode for identification of the chord, scale, or mode drawn. Multimedia files- this feature has a simple and easy interface, allows play with “wav”, “mid”, “et”, and “avi” files.

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